History of the Grove

The Green Gate Olive Grove (GGOG) was initiated in 1999 in Jackson County, Florida as an experimental farm. The weather in this part of the Florida Panhandle is approximately the same as that of the Mediterranean Basin except for the occasional spring cold snap. Many varieties of olives were planted and over time several were eliminated, leaving those that are best suited for this environment. Using varieties with long vernalization periods allowed the olive trees to remain dormant during spring cold snaps. The Green Gate Olive Grove is a modest endeavor with three fully mature varieties of olives and approximately 400 trees that are doing well. Harvests have been a fun time for those who U-Pick. Keep an eye on this web site for current happenings at GGOG which will be posted from time to time.

About the Grower

For years, Don Mueller was employed in Europe and found Italy an ideal place to vacation. He fell in love with olives and the culture and ambience associated with them. Upon retiring and moving to Florida, the possibility of creating a functioning olive grove presented itself. Located in Jackson County, Florida, Don Mueller's grove now stands alone as the first meaningful producer of olives and olive oil from its own trees in the state. He produces table olives and olive oil the old fashioned way.

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Green Gate Olive Grove
Current Info

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The GROVE has been sold. Stay Tuned for UPDATES