U-Pick (In Season)

Fresh olives are available to customers within traveling distance on a U-Pick basis. You can stroll through the delightful grove
- a bit of old Italy- and gather your own olives for curing.

  • Table Varieties: Ascolana, Mission, Coratina, Frontoio & Maurino

Bulk (In Season)

Olives are also available in 10 lb packages on special order to insure freshness for home curing. Free recipes for home processing are available for both Bulk and U-Pick.

   10 lbs: $40.00 at the Grove

Cured Olives

Cured olives (salt brine only) are available in pint and 1/2 pint sampler bottles. Varieties available are ascolana and mission. These olives are firm, succulent and meaty with a fresh buttery flavor devoid of vinegar.

    ;Pint:  $10.00 at the Grove

Olive Oil

Delicious, freshly pressed olive oil made from our own olives is available in 500 and 750 mL bottles. These gourmet dipping oils are handcrafted right from our press. Green Gate Olive Grove's olive oil has won an award for taste in competition on an international basis.
Varieties available include arbequena and mission.

500 mL:  $25.00 + Shipping


  • Oil Varieties: Mission, Arbequena, Leccino, & Coratino.
  • Oil available after Nov. 15, 2013

Olive Trees

We propagate our own trees and have a limited number available for sale to olive aficionados who appreciate the sheer beauty of olive trees. Call to determine availability of varieties.

  • Mission, Bauroni & Sevillano trees available.